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Solutions manual for ETS' practice test GR0568

Posted: Fri Mar 29, 2013 1:53 pm
by Michelangelo
Solutions manual for GR0568
  • You can download Solutions Manual for the GRE Mathematics Subject Test GR0568 (Corrected Version) from Kindle not required (see free software below).

    This manual provides a worked out solution for each of the 66 problem on the practice exam GR0568 provided by ETS.

    This e-book sells for $9.99 in USA (price varies in other countries).
Borrowing and loaning this e-book for free
  • Kindle owners can borrow this e-book for free from the Kindle Owner's Lending Library with no due date.

    Kindle owners can loan this manual to others for up to two weeks.
Free Kindle software for PC or Mac.
Note: I asked for and was granted permission from the administrators of this forum to promote this book. - E. Flaten

Re: Solutions manual for ETS' practice test GR0568

Posted: Tue Apr 23, 2013 12:37 pm
by redcar777
Hi Eric--

Thank you for making your solutions available to the forum members, for a short period.

All of the solutions are very concise. A number of the solutions are very clever. I especially like the application of Euler's formula in #28 (though it requires you to observe that all trees are planar graphs).

However, some of the other solutions appear to have typo's, and others may have material errors in calculation. For example, the integral substitution in #31, the algebra in #37, or the application of the chain rule in #63 do not look correct. Reading through the solutions, I compiled a list critical analysis-- I will mail these to your email address above. (If any forum members are using these solutions and interested in this list, I am willing to share it with them as well).

Also, if you'd like to compare and contrast with some other solutions, I've posted a set here ( Here's a forum post: (