GPA, GRE requirement to Columbia's MFE

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GPA, GRE requirement to Columbia's MFE

Post by ruirui » Sun May 05, 2013 1:25 am

Hi all,

I am a student in University of Toronto's Engineering Science's Financial Engineering program. I just finished my third year.
The program is pretty competitive and I have managed a mark of 75 - 85. Occasionally, i have a mark in around 90.
however, last term, i got a 60 in one course...
My GPA isnt that great compared to most people on this forum, its around 3.4 - 3.5...
I had to work during school for food and rent doing some iOS software dev during school for around 20 hrs per week.

I am really really really interested in Columbia's Master of Financial Engineering. And I know that Columbia is one of the top schools and they only accept the best students.

To make up for my GPA, I have been studying for GRE very seriously, doing an intense financial engineering related research and undergrad thesis.
During the past summers, I have worked as a software developer/optimization and risk assessment with Microsoft. Currently, I am doing equity trading/business analyst with TD.

Could you guys shed some light as to whether or not I have a chance of being accepted into Columbia? or if there is anything that i should be working on? would the 60 bring down my chances of being accepted? should i just do my GRE and do a better job during 4th year and wish for the best?

Any help is greatly appreciated. I would not mind cold hard facts that would blow my socks off. I just really need people's opinion and I thought this would be the place to go to.

Thank you all so much


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