Programs similar to ACO

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Programs similar to ACO

Post by S_Dimitrov » Fri May 31, 2013 7:00 am

Hello, everyone!
I am wondering what PHD program is most appropriate for me. My interests are on the border between Math, Statistics and CS. In particular, here is a list of some topics I like: Discrete math&&Combinatorics, Information theory and Statistics, Game theory, Analysis of algorithms, Machine learning, Logic.
The ACO PHD in CMU and those in Gatech:[ and ] pass perfectly on my interests.
However, most of the big universities don't offer such a program. Usually, some of these subjects are studied in their CS departments and the other part in their Math departments.
Moreover, I heard that to be accepted in ACO phd in CMU is quite hard (they are top CS grad school according to USnews).

Do you know some universities that offers programs similar to these two in CMU and Gatech (but titled differently)?
Mathematically oriented CS departments or more 'discrete' math depts will also be of use.
Thank you a lot!

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