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How are my chances?

Posted: Tue Sep 24, 2013 6:07 am
by sahi
I'm Thai. Graduated from Mahidol University (Top 5 Ranking) majoring in Applied Math. Aside from the 4 years at the university, I did all my study at home (I left school after grade 3). I do know that I like math, but I don't really know the exact field that I should apply for and I don't know that the grad school will accept this. My GPA is 3.81 (math 3.95). My two concerns are my limited knowledge on the subject and my lack of research papers aside from my bechelor thesis. I'd just graduated last year, and I didn't enroll in any grad school. My schedule for GRE Math is next month. Would a high score be enough to convince them about my passion and determination. I want to be a math professor so it really important to have a PhD.

Anyone facing the similar issue here?