Mathematics Major Field Test (MFT)

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Mathematics Major Field Test (MFT)

Post by admin » Mon Oct 03, 2005 5:21 am

What are Major Field Tests and how can they help you with the mathematics GRE?

The Major Field Tests are created by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) who, as many of you know, also bring us the mathematics GRE subject test.

The MFT exams are “designed to assess the knowledge expected of students at the conclusion of a major in the specific subject areas”. Hmm, sounds a lot like the mathematics GRE to me.

ETS has made 10 sample mathematics MFT exam questions available for free download. I know it isn’t much but these are high quality sample questions, they are free, and you can work on them right away.

Note: If you convince one of the professors at your school that they should administer one of these tests then you could get to work through an entire MFT exam under actual test conditions. Sounds like a pretty good way to train for the mathematics GRE. I think ETS charges $25 per exam, but I believe you need someone on the faculty to order and administer the exam.

Any thoughts you have on the Major Field Tests would be appreciated.

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Re: Mathematics Major Field Test (MFT)

Post by mddoyle0906 » Wed Apr 28, 2010 4:25 pm

I'm taking the field exam on Monday. Other than the few questions on the website, does anyone know where I can find sample test questions to study? Thanks!

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