Its a good idea to give the test?

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Its a good idea to give the test?

Post by pauli86 » Thu Oct 01, 2009 2:56 pm

:? hello, I 'am senior Student of electrical engineering. I am preparing myself to try to pass this subject exam, because the master program i want to apply (robotics), says is recommended taking this test. Despite my major has a strong content of mathematics, there are some topics i am not familiar. I have taken, multi variable calculus, vectorial calculus, differential and integral calculus..etc. Complex variable, linear algebra, differential equations, Statistics, Numeric Analysis, Stochastic Processes. But stuff like abstract algebra, number theory, discrete mathematics, I did take them. Besides that, i am taking a class of Real Analysis, so in that way it could help me.
I have done pretty well in them, like overall B+ in them, but i don't know it is a good idea to take it, besides that giving it on February.
Do you recommend me any preparation or strategies to solve my problems of abstract algebra, number theory and discrete mathematics? :idea:

Thanks in advance,
Paulina, Ecuador, South America

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