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New Citizen Moderator Feature

Posted: Thu Mar 06, 2014 3:02 pm
by Grant
I just implemented a new "citizen moderator" feature to help control spam which allows reputable users to ban relatively new users and hide their posts for the purpose of controlling spam. Basically, if you see spam on the site and you are logged in you can see and click the new "Spam?" button found on the lower right of every post and then in most cases of spam you should have the option to click "Yes" which will automatically take a series of steps to remove posts from that user and to prevent them from posting future spam.

There are various features in place to prevent abuse such as a relatively new user can't ban a long time user and it is impossible to ban certain long time users. Also, if necessary, I am able to undo any malicious or accidental misuse use of the system.

The reason for this new feature because sometimes spam gets through the various anti-spam systems of the site and the spam stays there for a few hours (or days like that time I was away from my computer for a couple days). With the new system, the first user who sees spam should be able to remove it with a couple clicks so others aren't disrupted by it.

There may be some kinks in the system which still need to be worked out so please let me know if you notice any issues or have any ideas to improve upon the citizen moderator system.