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Applied Math Schools

Post by Sats » Mon Dec 08, 2014 6:11 pm

Hello all, I created that Math/Physics/French topic a little while ago, and I have been considering more strongly going into Applied Math. For those who don't want to click back and check, I'll post the relevant data below.

But anyways, I was wondering if anyone knows of any applied math schools that would be a good fit/reach for me. Thus far I don't know much about what's good and what's not, but if it's worth anything I like the east coast? Also I'm interested in international options. I guess a few places I'm checking out are:

U Arizona, UC Boulder, MSU, and U Delaware? École Polytechnique de Paris?

Any of these within reach? What about top-ish programs?

Here are some stats:

GPA Math: 3.5
GPA Physics: 3.3
GPA French: 4.0
GPA Overall: 3.6
GRE: Q 89%, V 81%, W 80%
MGRE: Not taken
No research, and letters would be from physics professors, a French professor, and maybe one applied mathematics professor.

If more information is needed, or if I'm going about this wrong, please let me know!

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