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falling into a massy situation, extremely need advices

Posted: Sun Mar 08, 2015 11:13 pm
by mydreammath
undergraduate school: a median size canadian school.
Master: same school: 3.98
was luckily admitted to a top 50 us university several years ago.
But the problem comes, I cannot pass the qualifying exam on time, hence was kicked out by the university with a pretty low gap: 2.97 and a master degree probably. Now is my last semester staying in this university.
If I work hard, I may improve the GPA to 3.0 in the last semester I will stay there or may not.
I still want to apply for pure math phd next year. But the second master may or must hurt a lot. I am wondering if I should withdraw from the school immediately, so that I will not get a second master with low GPA? Will that better for my future application? Although I know the GPA will not change, but at least it looks better?
I know it sounds silly. But I really need suggestions. Thanks a lot in advance!