BS v. BA in Math

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BS v. BA in Math

Post by puzzlesolver » Thu Jun 18, 2015 3:08 pm

The school I go to offers both a BS and a BA in Mathematics. As a rising junior, I don't have much time left for taking different classes. My two options seems to be this: 1) do the BS in mathematics which requires some specific classes (Scientific computing, more physics classes, a chemistry sequence etc) that I am not too excited about but would give me more breadth, or 2) do the BA in mathematics and fill those spaces up with other math classes that interest me more (most of which are graduate level) and a computer science class here or there. Also with the BA I will be able to finish a 2 year sequence of german language (I have 1 year down, but couldn't fit in the second doing the BS).

I'm leaning towards doing the BA, but I wanted to know if having only a BA when my school offers both will hurt my application for PhD programs (I'm thinking pure math or theoretical computer science)

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Re: BS v. BA in Math

Post by p-adic » Thu Jun 18, 2015 4:14 pm

BA vs. BS is meaningless. Just make sure a BA isn't soft (e.g., doesn't require topology or complex analysis, etc.). They'll see you have a degree and they'll see your classes on your transcript, and that's what matters.

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