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Need information/direction

Post by gkluhana » Tue Aug 04, 2015 1:23 pm

I am a student of Economics and Mathematics, 3rd Year, from Pakistan.
> I want to go for further studies in mathematics.
> I have a decent gpa, 3.8, and equally good in mathematics courses as well
> Taken the following Mathematics courses: Calculus, Linear Algebra, Abstract Algebra I, Real Analysis, Differential Geometry, Numerical Analysis
> Will take the following courses before graduation: Complex Analysis, Abstract Algebra II, Functional Analysis (I and II), and two electives, probably Topology and some other.
> MGRE is offered only twice in Pakistan, in October and April.
> I want to go for Masters/PhD from a good university in Europe or U.S
> My calculus and linear algebra need revision if I am to do any good in MGRE. I don't think I can pull it off this October.
> I was interested in going into pure mathematics but I feel I am not built for it so have been swaying towards Applied.
> I want to teach Mathematics. That is the only life goal that is clear to me at the moment.
> I cannot afford higher education without a scholarship or RA stipend.

So I am grappling with the following questions these days:
> Which fields should I consider?
> Should I give the MGRE, if yes, when?
> Which universities should I be considering? (More precisely, which ranking section should I consider?)

I understand these are huge open questions and its difficult to answer them. But if anyone can contribute with any sort of information specific to my situation, I would be extremely grateful.

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