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GRE Score Requirement

Posted: Tue Nov 10, 2015 1:40 pm
by Mathwhiz25
This is for those who are not sure whether their GRE scores are good enough. Many, if not most, universities in the USA don't care about a really high verbal and writing score, except for the Ivy league ones and several top others. I have seen some who have a minimum verbal and writing requirement as low as 143 and 3, respectively. There are others who don't care about them at all. I believe if you have a quantitative of 161 or above you should be fine for most universities, but you may need 165+ for the top ones. The subject test will certain help if you have the 80th percentile and over, but even 70%+ is really good for many. Check the requirements of the universities you want to apply to and ask them questions if you don't see any. Remember you are spending $195 US to take the general gre and $160 US for the subject test; this is actually more if your currency is less than the US dollar. I don't advise you to retake if it's not necessary, especially if your other stats are really outstanding. Save that money for application fees or toward going back to university. If you really feel that you are capable of better, then maybe you should consider retaking the test.