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Professors Emeritus...

Post by TTT » Sun Dec 06, 2015 11:11 pm

When listing my faculty preferences in applications for mathematics PhD:
Should I avoid listing Professors Emeritus?

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Re: Professors Emeritus...

Post by AMGMScrub » Mon Dec 07, 2015 1:09 am

I'm not 100% certain what includes as the title emeritus as wiki has a definition which includes retired full professor, but I would avoid doing so because the emeritus professor probably won't accept students. You should ask your advisors about this if you like a definitive answer. Even better, ask the people on the admissions committee at your current school about this. This will give you a sense whether you want to include these emeritus professors or not. Hope this helps.

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Re: Professors Emeritus...

Post by MathCat » Mon Dec 07, 2015 9:21 pm

I would generally avoid Emeritus, since many are not taking students or are winding down their careers. You want an advisor who is still very active in their field. However, some emeritus are still very active and even have *more* time for students because they don't teach. So, if you are very interested in a particular emeritus professor, I would email them to find out if they are taking students. Also, check to see that they are still participating in conferences and publishing papers.

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