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Nicky Noah
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Profile Evaluation

Post by Nicky Noah » Tue Jan 19, 2016 5:27 am

Hi guys,

Kindly evaluate my profile:
Major: Mathematics (and Mechanical Engg. although won't count here)
GPA: 3.4/4
Type of student: International, Male

GRE general:
Q: 170
V: 157
A: 4
GRE subject
810 (82%)

Program Applying: Ph.D. Mathematics (Interested in Combinatorics, Graph theory, Operations Research)

Research Exp:
1. 2 month internship at IIT, 1 publication (I was the co-author)
2. 6 month internship at Paris Descartes Univ.
3. 6 month internship at a Maths research lab
4. Research projects in my undergrad college
Total exp: about 1.5 years, 1 publication

Recommendations: 2 from my research internship mentors, 1 from my insti.

Decent grades in relevant subjects (not great, A- (9/10) or B (8/10))

Applied to:
1. Univ Waterloo
3. Rutgers-New Brunswick
4. Univ Colorado-Denver
5. Louisiana State Univ.
6. Simon Fraser Univ.

From what I hear, it is very tough to get to any univ. for a PhD, especially considering my lack of publications and relatively low subject GRE score.
Any opinions about my chances of getting admits to the above univs?

Thanks in advance! :)

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