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Request for Profile Evaluation

Post by CC24 » Thu Feb 11, 2016 9:02 am

Undergrad Institution: BITS Pilani (Goa Campus) - a well-known (possibly highly reputed) institute in India
Major: Mathematics
GPA: 8.0/10 :(
Type of Student: International, Male

GRE General Test:
Q: 170 (98%)
V: 157 (77%)
W: 4 (56%)
GRE Subject Test in Mathematics:
M: 810 (82%) (not sure if this is good enough)

Total: 115 = 30(R) + 29(L) + 28(W) + 28(S)

Program Applying: Maths PhD (in Combinatorics, Graph theory)

Research Experience: 6 months at MAP5 research lab in France, worked on treewidths and its applications in the medical field,
6 months at Chennai Mathematical Institute, worked on circuit complexity theory,
3-4 research projects at BITS, one of them pertaining to graph theory
1 publication (coauthored) during an internship at IIT Madras, worked on combinatorial optimization

Letters of Recommendation: 1 each from my mentors at IIT Madras and at MAP5 labs, 1 from my graph theory prof at BITS

Other Info: Most of my projects are related to Algorithms, so I am comfortable with the subject. Also, some other courses related to Computer Science show up on my CV (Crypto, data processing, etc).

Applied to:
1. Univ Waterloo - Pending
2. UCSD - Pending
3. Rutgers-New Brunswick - Pending
4. Univ Colorado-Denver - Pending
5. Louisiana State Univ. - Pending
6. Simon Fraser Univ. - Pending

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