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Re: Need advice on applying to Masters or Phd and Texas schools

Post by verysweetjuices » Thu Mar 30, 2017 6:37 pm

michael43212321 wrote:Hi I am currently finishing up my 4th year of college. I started out as a music major, but after my second year I switched to math and physics. Because of this, I will need one more year than usual to graduate. I was wondering if anyone can offer me any advice on what to do after I graduate next year. My problem is that because I have had only 2 years of studying math so far, I am planning to take most of my upper level math coursework next year. So I don't think it would be a good idea to apply to phd programs because I'm sure they want to see how I do in those classes and also I don't think I will have the necessary preparation for the math subject test by then. Also, I don't think I will be able to take any graduate math classes before I graduate because my schedule is so full and I do not have any mathematical research experience. I could not apply to reu's this summer because I have to take language classes to fulfill general education requirements for my school. I'm thinking that I should probably get a masters degree due to my abnormal math career and lack of graduate classes and research. Would this be a good idea? Also, are there any math programs that you know of that will provide funding through TA appointments to masters students? My family moved to Texas a few years ago and I would really like to be near them. UT does not have a masters program that I know of, but University of Houston does. If I did very well on my masters at the University of Houston and also did a thesis, do you think I could be competitive for top phd programs like UT and Carnegie Mellon ? (Those are the schools I would love to go to). Don't see many domestic applicants with masters degrees on this site so am a little worried.

Try applying for a masters and a phd as well at UT.

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