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Profile evaluation

Post by 98jt » Mon May 22, 2017 12:33 am

Undergrad in america with top ~15 math program
DWM pure math
Cgpa 3.4ish
Math gpa 3.92

Math gre 92%

Have 5 math grad courses and a couple grad courses in other departments.

Research: thesis

Anything else? Hmm nothing that I think would make a significant difference. Ive taken a couple stats courses. My gpa is low because of language courses, English, and a some Bs in other deparments. If it helps, my lower grades are all in UG courses.

LORs should be good I suppose.

Applications are expensive, what kind of schools should I apply? I am interested in mathematical logic though my favorite courses in pure math were algebra so maybe algebra instead.

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Re: Profile evaluation

Post by eulerphi » Fri May 26, 2017 2:07 pm

This is a very strong profile.I would think you are competitive anywhere though, provided you have good recommendation letters. I don't think a low CGPA matters much for phd math applications. That said, admission to the very top schools is obviously a bit of a crap shoot.

In my view, what kind of schools you should apply to depends a lot on you. It's more than likely that the next 5+ years of your life will be spent at wherever you choose to go. It's important to find a program/location where you will be happy. To me this was a huge factor in deciding where to apply, and in the end I made my decision based mostly on what I thought my quality of life would be outside of school.

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