Suggestions for Mathematics Programs for an Unconventional Student

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Suggestions for Mathematics Programs for an Unconventional Student

Post by Junaid456 » Mon Aug 28, 2017 12:35 pm


I'm interested in applying to the Mathematics (Master') programs.

A little background about myself: I recently graduated with first class honors as an Economics and Mathematics (joint major). My training, however, has been unconventional. I started out as a pure economics major, and I only realized in late in my second year that I'm more interested in the mathematics of all subjects I have studied thus far. Therefore, I am now interested in applying to a mathematics graduate program.

I have had the standard introductory courses, two courses in analysis, and one course in general topology. I have taken considerable physics courses, and I'll apply by stating I'd like to work in problems in physics, and I have an interest in studying analysis and topology in more detail. Given my unconventional background, I have had to play a lot of catch by self-studying for various courses. For instance, I have studied linear algebra (the second course), a bit of complex analysis, and abstract algebra on my own. I will audit a second/advanced course in algebra, a course in measure theory (a third course in analysis), and explicitly request my letter writers to write about my performance in the audited courses (on graded instruments etc.) and the self-study drills. From what I gather, auditing courses won't matter a lot, except for what my letter writers will have to say about it. Hopefully, they'll have something positive to mention.

It'd be great if someone could recommend math grad schools (PhD/Master's) that may be interested in taking a chance on an applicant like myself. Almost all schools list having taken a course in linear algebra/algebra etc as pre-requisites. I don't have these courses, but I have made some considerable effort self studying them, and I continue to do so until I get into any graduate school.

Any suggestions for the types of schools I should be looking at?


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