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weak subject score

Posted: Thu Oct 19, 2017 12:52 pm
by hook1993
Hi there,

I recently graduated with a 2.i MMath (4 year undergraduate masters) from Oxford University. Since first year I have taken almost no applied mathematics, and with a year out i had to take, that was now 5 years ago. My 4th year courses included Algebraic Topology, Category Theory, Model Theory, Infinite Groups and and Non-Commutative rings, and I wish to pursue a Phd in pure mathematics. I only recently decided to apply to the US for my Phd rather than the UK. I am concerned that with little time to review the calculus and analysis material (although I'm doing my best!) for the subject test, that my result from the October 28th test will be very poor in comparison to the other aspects of my application. Is it possible that strong references, transcripts, personal statement and decent general GRE scores can make up for a weak score on the subject test?

Thank you for any advice