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Grad School Advice

Post by superballzach » Mon Oct 30, 2017 9:00 pm

Hi all, I was wondering if you guys could give me some options or advice on my current grad schools of interest list. I am currently doing my masters at my undergrad institution ranked near 70. I am interested in geometry/topology. My undergrad gpa was around a 3.2 but my grad gpa is a 3.9. I've taken the first year sequences in analysis and algebra, complex analysis, commutative algebra, all with A's. My subject test was 58th percentile. I've done reading courses in modular forms, algebraic topology, and characteristic classes. I should have two very strong letters and one good letter. One strong letter is coming from my algebra professor who I did the modular forms reading course with, and my other strong letter comes from my masters adviser who worked with me through Hatcher's AT and Milnor and Stasheff's Characteristic Classes. The third letter comes from my commutative algebra professor who I did a reading course with in undergrad.

I'm looking at the following schools:
Stony Brook
UC Santa Barbara
UC Irvine
Michigan State
Boston College
Ohio State
Kansas State
My current institution

My worries are that my undergrad gpa and my subject test score will be too much to overcome, but any advice given is much appreciated! :-)

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