Choice of School Based on My Stat

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Choice of School Based on My Stat

Post by Mr Prof » Mon Nov 27, 2017 4:33 am

This is my stat

Type of student: International Applicant (from West Africa)
Major: Mathematics
GPA: 4.4/5 (3.63/4 ?)

Quant: 162
Verbal: 145 (messed it up)
AWA: 4.0

Math Subject Test: 570 (didn't impress myself )

TOEFL: Not Yet Available

Program Applying: Pure Math (PhD), Applied Math (PhD)
Note: I recently decided to also consider applied math because my subject test score is low and some applied math courses do not require the score.

These were the schools I was targeting before I sat for the tests:

Over reach: princeton, washington univ, ucla, ohio state univ
reach: texas at austin, georgia tech, penn state, pittsburgh, dartmouth
safety: stony brook, notre dame,univ of florida, texas a & m, michigan state


Given the stat I present above, could you guys suggest to me the schools I need to apply to (schools that can consider my application favorably well). I personally feel that many of the schools I listed above (in all three categories) are an over reach for the kind of stat I have.

(1)I am not thinking of taking any of the tests again
(2)I am not sure any of the profs who will be writing my recommendation letter is well known in their fields. However, I know one of them got his PhD from an elite school (one of the top 10 schools in the world).
(3) Although I have a research paper, I am yet to publish it.

I will really appreciate an honest response. Thanks.

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