Profile review/what is my best choice?

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Profile review/what is my best choice?

Post by yellowCamel » Tue Jul 10, 2018 11:41 am

I am Currently considering my options for a PhD program (starting at autumn 2019).

Which top Universities don't pay much attention to GRE General result? I am an international student, and I didn't take the test yet, but my English is not the best and I probably won't get a high score there.

I will apply to pure mathematics. I'm particularly interested in symplectic geometry. I have finished my undergraduate studies and from this fall I will be a master student and a teaching assistant at my University.

My current status:
Undergrad Institution: University in Europe (the best in my region)
Major(s): Mathematics
GPA: 9.9/10
Type of Student: International white male

GRE Revised General Test:
-Taking soon. I expect to score maximum on quantitative, while other parts will probably be lower (~50%)
GRE Subject Test in Mathematics:
-Taking in September. I expect very high score (above 95%)

TOEFL score: 102

Program Applying: Pure Mathematics PhD.

In addition: International Mathematical Olympiad (one silver and one bronze) and about 10 more medals from other international math competitions. I have participated at different summer schools and camps for mathematics (on some of them as a lecturer). I attended 2 conferences in symplectic geometry and took advanced courses on this topic. One summer I was on data science internship at Microsoft development center in my country.
-3 letters of recommendation from professors connected with my field, and they know me very well.

I did some research and talked to some people and these are the options right now: Princeton, MIT, Columbia, Berkeley, Stanford, UCLA, Stony Brook, UC Santa Cruz, Northwestern.

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