2019 Profile Evaluation and Advice

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2019 Profile Evaluation and Advice

Post by beetsbydre » Sat Aug 18, 2018 11:32 pm

Undergrad Institution :Big State School
Major: Mathematics
Minor: Computer Science
GPA: 3.8

Awards: Scholarships from department
Type of Student: International SE Asian Female
Relevant Courses: Calculus I-II (A), Multi (A-), DiffEq/Linear Algebra(A-), Prob/Statistics (B+), Numerical Analysis I-II (A), Coding Theory (A-), Number Theory Seminar (A), Intro to Programming (B+), Data Structures & Program Design (B-), Discrete Math (A)
In Progress: Abstract Algebra I-II, Mathematical Logic, Real Analysis I-II, Advanced Algorithms, Machine Learning

GRE: (will take mid October)
GRE Subject Math: (taking 9/15 for the first time)
(PS: Looking at the practice tests I have taken I hope to score ~50%ile :(, spooky )

Programs Applying: Computational and Applied Math PhD

Research Experience:
- Will work with Numerical Analysis for senior thesis
- REU in Combinatorics and Graph Theory (Summer, 2018): Will present at JMM and paper in progress, hopefully will be on arXiv before applications are due
- Researched mathematical ecology for 2 years at an Ecology Lab
- Did a short exploratory project at a Natural Language Processing lab
- Unrelated social science research from when I was an econ major

Teaching Experience:
-Tutoring athletes in Calculus
-TA for intro to college-type course

Recommendation Letters:
-REU mentor fosho, they're from a small state school
-Coding Theory professor who is pretty well known in cryptology research and knows me well from the course
-Algebra professor who is also well known
-Numerics research mentor

Coding/Scripting Experience: I have classes in Python and Java, have worked a lot with Python in research projects. The REU involved extensive coding in latex.

Other: women in math club, several leadership activities, writes extensively about equity in math/STEM education, >5 research presentations outside of my own school

Research Interests: Computational and Applied Math (Data Science, ML) or Mathematical/Computational Biology (Genomics) or Numerical Analysis. I'm broadly just applying to Applied Math Programs

Schools of Interest:
-Stanford CAM
-UChicago CAM
-UW Seattle
UT Austin

-Maryland, CP
-Michigan, Ann Arbor
-Ohio State

As of now I have no idea what a safety school would look like with my profile. I would appreciate suggestions for schools.
Also, I would not mind working in an Applied Math lab for a year before applying, so if anyone has any suggestions of labs please go ahead (PS: I'm not a national)4
I would also appreciate input on the importance if a good MGRE score and maybe the importance of taking a grad class (I'll probably take one senior spring but if i haaaavvveee to)

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