2019 Profile Evaluation

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2019 Profile Evaluation

Post by julienguyen » Mon Sep 10, 2018 1:06 pm

Hey everyone, I'd really appreciate it if you could give some advice or suggestion on where to apply to. (I'm very worried about my profile as I don't have much research experience) Below is my profile

Undergrad Institution: Liberal Arts College (top 15)
Major: Mathematics
GPA: 3.8 overall (3.9 Math)

Awards: Two departmental awards for excellence and contribution in mathematics, Honorable mention in a math modeling contest, Phi Beta Kappa
Type of Student: International SE Asian Female
Relevant Courses: Multi (A), DiffEq (A) Linear Algebra(A+), Number Theory (A+), Prob/Statistics (A-), Analysis (A), Abstract Algebra (B), Math computing (B), Nonlinear dynamical system & Chaos (A), Mathematical Biology (A+), Applied math in Social Science (A-), senior research seminar

V: 161
W: 4 (Didn't practice for this at all. Might take the GRE again to get the score up)
GRE Subject Math: (taking this Oct 27 for the first time)

Programs Applying: Computational and Applied Math PhD (Computation biology/Mathematical Biology)

Research Experience:
- Senior seminar: Researched and constructed an agent-based model on a social science topic
- Research with my academic adviser on disease modeling - paper in preparation but probably will not be ready before program deadline
- 1.5 years of research with an Econ professor in which I did data analysis
- Currently taking a gap year and working for a policy research institute where I also do a lot of data analysis
- Will be taking a night class at the NIH on Machine Learning this fall where we'll be working on several projects

Teaching Experience:
- Tutor & grader for Linear Algebra, Number theory, Intro to Stats

Recommendation Letters:
- Three math professors and the Econ professor I worked with for 1.5 years

Coding/Scripting Experience: Mathlab, Python, Latex

Other: women in math club, several leadership activities, writes extensively about equity in math/STEM education, >5 research presentations outside of my own school

Research Interests: Mathematical/Computational Biology, Data Science/Statistics

Schools that I'm considering:
- UW Seattle (where my adviser went)
- Duke

- U Mich, Ann Arbor
- Northwestern

- U Nevada, Lincoln
- Ohio State
- U of Iowa
- Rochester Institute of Technology

This is still a very rough list. I'd appreciate any suggestion for school, especially match and safety. Also my top choice is UW so I'd also appreciate any comment on my chance of getting accepted there.

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Re: 2019 Profile Evaluation

Post by defen » Wed Sep 12, 2018 7:49 pm

Your match schools should probably include UC Davis. Maybe Washington State for a safety as well.

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Re: 2019 Profile Evaluation

Post by PJMTH45 » Thu Sep 13, 2018 10:58 am

Curious about your safety schools- Lincoln and Iowa- are they known for math bio?
Also consider adding Notre Dame and Colorado Boulder to your list.

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Re: 2019 Profile Evaluation

Post by lurenjia12138 » Wed Oct 24, 2018 12:55 pm

Wow your profile is soooo good

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