Sending 640/680 to Civil Engineering PhD?

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Sending 640/680 to Civil Engineering PhD?

Post by apricot » Fri Nov 23, 2018 2:10 pm

Hi there,

I'm currently in civil engineering M.S. and applying for civil engineering Ph.D. right now for Fall 2019.
Today I got the newer score... but it was less than the first one :/
So right now I have the scores of 640 (Oct 2016), 680 (Sep 2018) and 640 (Oct 2018).
My point is then, would it give a positive or negative impression to the application reviewers to send this 600-ish score when they are in civil engineering? In the first place do they see my scores when they don't require the Math subject test?
I was going to show "Hey while I'm in civil engineering I have a strong background of mathematics and statistics!" but it might no longer sound true with these scores.
Could anyone please give me your opinion?
Also, do the reviewers see my highest score or latest score in Math and general GRE? I'm just curious how more than one score work.

My info:
  • International student (got B.E. in Japan and now M.S. in the U.S.)
  • Civil engineering major and going to apply only for civil engineering.
  • The latest general GRE: V152+Q170+A3.0. Having taken general for 3 times since 2016 and all Q is 170.
    I will take one more general in next week and hope I get A3.5 (As I did 3.5 in one of the exams in two years ago).
  • GPA: N/A in B.E. and 4/4 in M.S.
    My undergrad institute does not offer GPA, but if the committee convert my A/B/C into 4/3/2 the GPA of mine will be 3.09.
  • Some research/teaching experience.
  • Reach: UC Berkeley / Match: UC Davis, UC Irvine, USC / Safety: Another year :D

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