[EDITED] Math Subject GRE Daily Prep, now on Twitter!

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[EDITED] Math Subject GRE Daily Prep, now on Twitter!

Post by DMAshura » Fri Jan 04, 2019 1:42 pm

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Hello everyone!

I'm starting to work on [url]https://www.mathsub.com[/url] again, and as part of this endeavor, I've started posting one question per day on Twitter at [url]https://twitter.com/mathsubgre[/url].  If you're preparing for the April test, this might be a good way to get a bit of practice in each day.  There are solutions to the GR0568 and GR1768 tests on the site, and I'm going to be adding the solutions to the other tests this year.

As always, please let me know if you have any suggestions or feedback!  :)

[edit] I will no longer posting the same old GRE questions on my Twitter (https://twitter.com/mathsubgre). Instead there will be something much better starting Monday. More information here: http://www.mathematicsgre.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=4667

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Re: Math Subject GRE Daily Question, now on Twitter!

Post by DDswife » Fri Jan 04, 2019 10:58 pm

Thank you!

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