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GRE Subject free help

Posted: Wed Apr 03, 2019 10:13 pm
by alexmonoid
Hello everyone!

I am a math tutor and prepare my students for different exams in Calculus, Algebra, including preparation for the GRE Subject in Math (my GRE score is 900). Currently I'm improving my English, so I can give you some advice and even some short free consulting.
Please join the whatsapp group
if you are interested.
I've also started my youtube channel ... flZjq_w4eQ where I'm discussing different math topics and problems related to GRE.
My goal is to describe some complicated things with real life examples. I try to choose such topic that it can also help in some gre-type problems. So, I'd appreciate your feedback ))

Re: GRE Subject free help

Posted: Mon Sep 09, 2019 10:35 pm
by alexmonoid
Hi everyone!

I know that this Saturday there will be the exam. So, just several days left...
I've started my Instagram channel where I share different useful theorems and properties of mathematical objects in neatly visualised tables and diagrams.
I think it can help during your final revision!
Check out @alexmonoid on Instagram
or link for those who don't have an account ... 9d96s4xi4g

Of course, I need your feedback and what else you want to see there (currently there is information about classes of functions, types of sequences, cardinality, topology...)
You can post your comments in my WhatsApp group
(I can provide links to other posts for those who don't want to use Instagram)

Hope you do your best on 14th!