HELP! PhD recommendations

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HELP! PhD recommendations

Post by cjcoon4293 » Thu Jul 25, 2019 11:14 pm

I am currently a senior at a small private school in New York.
I am interested in pursuing Mathematics as a graduate student, specifically thinking about algebra, differential equations, Number Theory.
These are my current stats:
Major: Mathematics (Pure)
Minor: Physics, Computer Science
4 Year University GPA: 3.89/4.00 (Junior & Senior Year)
2 Year University GPA: 2.50/4.00 (Freshman & Sophomore Year) ... I had a rough start...

Awards: 2 Scholarships for Excellence in Mathematics at Home University, Pi Mu Epsilon Member

GRE Scores:
Q: 159 (70%)
V: 151 (51%)
W: 3.0

Will take the Math and Physics GRE in September and October.

Research: 2 years of research with chair of math department in applications of linear algebra and Non-Euclidean geometries resulting in projects presented at MAA seaway sectional conferences.
1 year of research with physics professor in astrophysics, galaxy formation and evolution. Partly studying the CGM surronding a galaxy, to try to discern a pattern for patchiness when probed for lyman-alpha absorption. Then measuring spectral analysis obtained from radio telescope to determine the heliocentric velocity, flux, and other characteristics of a given galaxy.
Summer participation in ALFALFA Undergraduate Research Team Workshop.
Independent Studies: Tensor Algebra, Population Growth Models, Non-Euclidean & Euclidean Geometry

I am looking for opinions on what my safety schools and such should be since my GPA from my 2 year college is so low.

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Re: HELP! PhD recommendations

Post by mook713 » Sat Jul 27, 2019 2:46 pm

Kansas State could be a good safety school. They have a lot of professors working with PDEs.

Their algebra is smaller, but the professors there are very good.

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