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Ph.D. recommendation for engineering major

Posted: Tue Sep 17, 2019 5:22 pm
by gx34
BS: Aerospace engineering, GPA: 85/100 International average University
MS: Mechanical engineering, GPA: 3.85/4 USA top 50 public university

TOEFL: Waived, was(104)
GRE: Q:168 V:154, AW: 3.5
GRE math: just took on September 14th, expected 70%-80%

Teaching: TA for engineering level numerical analysis for two semesters
Research: thesis-related research for about a year(a lot of math used). An engineering paper published in undergraduates.
Interests: Applied math program(or doing applied math stuff in the math dept.) for numerical PDE, finite element/volume method.

Stage1: Texas A&M, CU-Boulder, U-Maryland,
Stage2: Colorado State, U-Delaware, U-Georgia, U-Utah
Stage3: Florida-State, BYU

Hi all, I am trying to apply for the applied math Ph.D. program in the US this fall. Although I am an engineering major, almost all my master courses are from applied math or related and I think my research is closer to applied math than engineering. Can someone give some advice on my selection? Thanks!