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PhD Application Suggestions

Post by Hambone12 » Wed Oct 02, 2019 10:18 am


I'm currently a senior math major at the University of Kentucky.

Undergrad Information:
Degree: BSc in pure mathematics, minor in physics
GPA: 3.1 major: 3.05
Math: UG: number theory, matrix algebra, calc 1-3, algebra 1 & 2, real analysis 1. Grad: complex analysis, graduate real analysis, graduate graph theory/combinatorics course
Background: Caucasian male

Research experience: I've done research most of the time ive been in college. I started the physics research program when I was a physics major freshman year. Second semester freshman year I started physics research, and continued it through that summer, receiving funding from the school. The school year after that i didn't do any research but the summer after my sophomore year I started a geometry research project that got NSF funding. I've been working with my schools geometry lab to do research ever since. Doing a graph theory project, and now that I've determined I like graph theory, I'm doing a project with another, pretty respected professor, in graph theory. I'm really enjoying it.

Work Experience: 2+ years office experience. 1 summer working as a TA for a beginner physics lab

GRE(General): taking october
GRE (Math): taking October's

So I'm taking the GRE this October. I'd like to prepare a range of schools based on if I do well in the GRE or if I don't. My biggest concern is my GPA. I tend to do alright in my classes, but don't do too well on testing, I think recommendation letters might reflect that. Also with my SOP. Im having someone help me write it a bit. I think it should turn out good.

I am planning on doing a PhD program to become a teacher. My main interests are teaching and, to me, math is what I want to teach. I'm wondering if there are schools that are specifically good at that.

I am going to be applying to several schools in Boston/NE. My family will be up in the area and it would be preferable to go there for grad school.

Let me know what you guys think about my application and how/what I can improve by application time.


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