Need advice for PhD applications (2020 FALL)

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Need advice for PhD applications (2020 FALL)

Post by NumuKaka » Sat Nov 02, 2019 2:34 pm

Looking at PhD programs for Applied Mathematics for Fall 2020. Looking to get a better idea of rankings and the merit of it all.

Undergrad Institution: Biggest university in Azerbaijan

Undergrad Major: Math

Grad Institution: State university in USA (middle ranked)

Grad Major: Applied Math (Masters)

GPA(Undergrad): 3.9

GPA(Masters): 4.0

Type of Student: International

GRE General: 160 Q, 138 V, ? AW

GRE Math Subject: ~40%

Programs Applying: PhD applied mathematics(Bio-mathematics*)

Research Experience:

-Thesis work in undergraduate and master.

Teaching Experience: 1-year in my home country and 2-year Teaching Assistanship in USA

Coding Experience: A few less-relevant things.

Letters of Recommendation: One from advisor, one from graduate coordinator. One professor, I was TA of....

Research Interests: Bio-mathematics

Conference: 1 invited talk at Bio-mathematics Conference

PhD Programs I am applying to:

Give me advice.

Can I apply for PhD or my profile is weak?

If I can, please give me suggestion (list of some universities)

Any help would be appreciated.

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