2020 fall deferrals for US schools

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2020 fall deferrals for US schools

Post by ThrowawayName » Wed Apr 22, 2020 10:57 pm

For you international students attending US schools, how many of you have already gotten your i20/F1 for fall 2020? If not, how many of you have decided to defer your admission to the next year? Not an international student, just want to find out for the sake of some friends who are.

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Re: 2020 fall deferrals for US schools

Post by joriandres » Thu Apr 23, 2020 3:16 am

I think it depends strongly on the place you are going to attend. I am going to attend at University of Arkansas and there are low cases of covid, so I am not going to defer. btw, It is very likely that universities will open for fall semester because of this depends they survive.

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Re: 2020 fall deferrals for US schools

Post by mishania1996 » Thu Apr 23, 2020 4:57 am

And why should anyone deffer?(not a rhetorical question) Many schools are already practicing online teaching.

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Re: 2020 fall deferrals for US schools

Post by gsilva99 » Thu Apr 23, 2020 8:14 pm

Some people (like myself) don't do well in the online classes. I have trouble concentrating, paying attention, not slacking off, and keeping track of all of the things I have to do since I don't really have a concrete physical schedule anymore. I think if I had to do an entire semester of grad classes online I would most likely either not do well at all and not learn or fail outright because of the difficulties for me that come with online learning, it just isn't conducive enough for me. I also think TA duties would be a lot more difficult to handle online. I'm personally considering deferring if the fall is still online, simply because it would be a wasted semester for me.

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