Profile evaluation for pure math PhD and tips to improve profile?

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Profile evaluation for pure math PhD and tips to improve profile?

Post by noob5 » Sat May 16, 2020 5:10 pm

Undergrad Institution: Public, State U, not famous
Minor(s): None
GPA: 4.0 , all As dean's list typical stuff, have taken 5 PhD courses (not including masters courses) by end of junior year and will take 2 to 3 in fall and spring of senior year)
Type of Student: Asian, F, international

GRE Revised General Test: About to take
GRE Subject Test in Mathematics: will take in sep
TOEFL Score: Not required

Program Applying: Pure Math Ph.D

Research Experience: REUs every summer of college, just writeup from first summer, 2 papers from second summer one pubished one preprint, doing REU this summer expect at-least 2 papers, senior thesis preprint will be ready by December, several independent study projects during school year with write-ups.

Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Served as TA and or grader every semester, referee for journal relevant to field of interest, counselor at prestigious math summer program.President of Math club.

Honors/Awards: Presented at JMM,YMC. Several math scholarships from home uni and also external $5000 math scholarship.Highschool scholarships to attend math summer program at which I was counselor and also math competition experience up to national stage.

Have a backstory why I came to the States for undergrad and will have a good personal statement.
1 letter writer is thesis advisor established person in my field
1 will be current REU supervisor has connections at Ivy's and
last might be some professor at home uni and or
last REU supervisor (Not sure abt this he is a star, but i worked on group project so don't know if he can say much about me personally and feel like we got off the wrong foot)

I did look at previous applicants but if anyone can shed insight on my profile I will feel more confident applying to top schools like Harvard.

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Re: Profile evaluation for pure math PhD and tips to improve profile?

Post by temporaryacct » Sun May 17, 2020 10:57 am

Everything that you've presented here looks very strong. Pending solid exam scores and school fit you should have as good a shot as anyone for most schools. Make sure your letters are good too, I'd say how well the letter writers know you is more important than their status in the math community. An unfamous professor with a letter that can attest to your character and potential to complete a PhD with examples and evidence is stronger than a letter from someone more well known who can only say that you did well in class or research.

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