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Admission Advice (Non- Traditional Bachkground)

Post by movingtomath » Sun Jun 21, 2020 9:43 am

Hi everyone!

I want to apply for a masters in applied math. However I do not have a degree in math. I have a Bachelors in Economics and an MS in Quantitative Economics. My masters school is the top ranked school for quantitative econ in the country in which I am studying right now.

Here is my math background- 2 courses called math for econ 1,2 these had linear algebra, multivariable calc without grene’s stoke’s theorems and optimization(KKT stuff), Intro to StatIstics,Econometrics, Advanced Econometrics

Grad School : Math for Econ( had linear algebra, some real analysis and optimization), Real Analysis 1, Probability Theory, Game Theory 1, Game Theory 2, The Theory Of Mechanism Design, Econometrics, Time Series Analysis.
These are all the math relevant courses that I will have at the time of applying , in my last sem I will also take at least one of measure theoretic probability and Real Analysis 2.

I wanted you guys to tell me what my chances are of getting into an MS Applied Math program in US/Canada. I would love to get into a program which is more geared towards CS applications.
I would be really grateful if you guys could tell me what my reach, match and safety schools should be.

I liked University Of California San Diego’s program structure a lot, I would love to know how their applied math masters is ranked and what are my chances of getting into it, and how good is it if I plan to go for a PhD after the masters.

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