Profile Evaluation [Fall 2020 Application Cycle]

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Profile Evaluation [Fall 2020 Application Cycle]

Post by bobbiejohn99 » Sun Aug 09, 2020 9:20 pm

Hi all,

I have been planning to get a PhD in Applied Math since last year. And am now preparing for applications and wanted to see if I could get some feedback on target schools I should be looking at, based on my profile.

Undergraduate Institution: Well known public school in CS and Math

Major: Applied Mathematics

GPA: 4.00

Type of Student: International Asian Male

Graduate Institution: N/A

GRE Score:

Subject: cancelled in April due to Covid. Hopefully can take in Sep or Oct

Relevant Classes:
Undergrad classes: Calc I, II, III, discrete math, Lower level Differential Equations and Linear Algebra, Advanced linear algebra (proof heavy), abstract algebra, numerical analysis, real analysis, probability theory (very applied, from the computer science department), haven't taken complex analysis yet but will do it in next Spring (after applying)

Graduate classes: numerical ODEs, numerical PDEs, numerical Linear Algebra, point-set topology (Fall), statistical computing (Fall)

Research Experience:
Not much. Started off in 2 semester of reading programs (in SDEs and deep learning) that our math department has, overseen by some graduate students. Then I collaborated with a graduate student on his research in numerical PDE (a paper with me as second author will be submitted to Journal of Computational Physics). Also helped a math professor who does quantum computing write some python code.

Work Experience:

Taught 2 CS classes (Data Structures) as Tutor for two semesters, also worked as Reader for Real Analysis for 2 semesters. Trying to set up a tutoring program with our math department. Nothing more beyond these.


- Talked with the graduate student i work with extensively on letters, will probably get a letter from his collaborator at another university (Ivy League). But super unconventional (usually we work with professors directly and ask for a letter that way) so im a little worried. Grad student writes letter first, and his collaborator sends it.
- Can probably get a decent letter from the math professor that oversees my coding, not much direct interaction with him though. Mostly worked with his PhD students
- trying to set up some indep. study with a super famous professor in numerical analysis, not sure if he will agree though.

- two letters from my linear algebra and abstract algebra classes because I've done well in them and the professors know me

- won summer research fellowship to spend the summer doing research in numerical PDE with the graduate student I know and his collaborator from another university. Will do a general audience conference presentation on work-in-progress
- I transferred from a community college (disadvantage?) and am extending my graduation (should have already graduated last year, but i have a double major in CS)

What schools should I be looking at? And more important, what should I focus on doing this fall (applications due in a few months).

Any feedback or peer support helps! We are in this game together.

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