Application evaluation applied math Phd: Fall 2021/ Safety suggestions

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Application evaluation applied math Phd: Fall 2021/ Safety suggestions

Post by helkahza » Thu Dec 03, 2020 12:13 am

Hello Everyone,

Currently, I am a senior undergrad student studying Electrical and Computer Engineering at NYIT. I am planning on applying to Ph.D. programs in applied math. My current GPA is 3.31. One of the math professors I’ve been researching with for the past year (preparing to publish a paper on mathematical modeling in fluid dynamics), and who has promised to write me a powerful letter. The second one from my Modern Physics professor and is fairly strong (I was the only one to score an A in his class amidst the COVID outbreak, which he mentioned in the letter). My third rec letter is from the other math professor I’ve been training on numerical analysis and writing me a strong letter. I’ve also presented my research on fluid dynamics at the APS conference, NYU, and other small symposiums.

I’m a first-generation international college student from Morocco. I plan on taking the GRE by the end of this month and confident of scoring well (most schools are waiving it). I am interested in researching fluid dynamics, developing fast algorithmic frameworks and their application to various physical phenomena, notably fluid-structure interactions. I would appreciate if you could evaluate my chances of getting into the following applied math Ph.D. programs:
  • New Jersey Institute Of Technology

    Columbia University

    Rice University

    Georgia Tech

    University Of Washington

    Northwestern University

    Boston University
I had an incident where I was assaulted in NY during Spring 2018, which has caused my GPA to drop tremendously. I got As in calc1, calc3, and differential equations. B in calc 2. and C+ in linear Algebra. I understand my grades are not the strongest point of my application, which I'm willing to explain. As I mentioned, I’ve got two Math professors endorsing my application (both active researchers) because they believe in my ability to do research. I hope that’ll compensate for that matter. I have been managing to work hard and get back on track and score very well on my courses past semesters.

Here a link to my research if you'd have the kindness to take a look ... 2xFZ/view . I would appreciate an honest evaluation to know where I'm standing and prepare for my next move.


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Re: Application evaluation applied math Phd: Fall 2021/ Safety suggestions

Post by lebesgueboy98 » Thu Dec 03, 2020 12:24 am

First off, I don't think that I can properly evaluate your profile just because I am not a professor or graduate student, but I am applying to school this year as well (PhD programs in both mathematics and applied mathematics). I think your research is very interesting, and I, too, am very interested in fluid dynamics etc. Bottom line, I think you totally CAN get into graduate programs, but I just don't have any experience with those in particular. Your experience seems great (based on your research video) and your letters sound to be strong, too. Many schools will also have a place for you to explain why your GPA wasn't perfect, and that's totally okay. GPA doesn't mean everything... there is much more to a person than that. I hope my reply helps at least encourage you, but for sure apply to safety schools, as well. If you'd ever wanna talk about your research more, drop me a message! Your work seems great, and it's always fun to network with other math students considering graduate school in applied math.

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