Profile evaluation: economics to applied math

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Profile evaluation: economics to applied math

Post by Cophysneurec » Fri Dec 04, 2020 1:57 pm

Hello, I am interested in Applied Math PhD programs. I would almost certainly specialize in computational neuroscience or economics/dynamic systems. What schools would be in a reasonable range for me? I would love to go somewhere like NYU, UWash, but not sure if I am competitive. Also, a professor recently told me about the CSEM program at UT Austin, is anyone familiar with the program? link:

Type of Student: White Male

Undergrad Institution: Top 3 UC. Post-bacc at combination of top-100/30/20.
Major: Economics
GPA: 3.4 Overall, 3.60 in Economics, 3.85 last 100 credits (senior year and post-bacc)

All Math Courses (by year):
1st-- Calc 1 (B-), Calc 2 (B), Calc 3 (C)
2nd-- Calc 4 (C-)
3rd-- None
4th-- Linear Algebra (B+), Differential Equations (A-)
Post-bacc-- Real Analysis (A), Graduate Topology 1 (A+), Graduate Real Analysis 1/2/3 (A+/A+/A), Graph Theory and Networks (A), Differential Geometry 1/2 (A/A), Numerical Analysis 1/2 (A/A), Stochastic Processes 1 (A)

Programming: Used Python professionally and in neuro research + numerous Coursera certifications, R, Stata, Excel.

GRE Q/V/W: 168/164/4.5, can retake and score ~170/168/4.5 if this would help

GREm: not taken, will take next year if it would help.

Programs Applying: Applied Math PhD (interested in computational neuroscience, networks/dynamic systems)

Research Experience: over 1 yr neuro research at excellent lab with solid writing sample to show for it, extensive programming, data analysis and literature reviews. About 1 year with business school professor at high-ranking program with 2 coauthors on behavioral psychology papers.

Work Experience: Close to 1 year work experience as Analyst where I did ARMA forecasting, market research and data automation for a startup.

Letters of Recommendation: One rec from Graduate Real Analysis 1/2, one rec from business school professor, one rec from head of neuroscience lab.

Research interests: Computational neuroscience, networks and complex dynamics, economics (decision theory, macro).

Comments: I'm really not sure where I would be competitive due to poor grades in early undergrad. I do have a very strong increasing trend with good performance in grad classes, so I'm hoping that will compensate some. What sort of programs do you think might accept me with this profile?

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Re: Profile evaluation: economics to applied math

Post by Cophysneurec » Fri Dec 18, 2020 2:36 am

bump. Any idea what sort of programs I might be competitive for?

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