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State Residency

Post by sqwylfthsk » Mon Feb 08, 2021 10:06 am

I didn't see an existing thread on this, and I suppose it might be COVID-relevant:

For US-domestic students, how does state residency/domicile impact the admissions process (if at all)? My guess is this would be highly institution dependent, but in general it seem pretty opaque. The severance of out-of-state ties can be quite in-depth as an application-adjacent process, and I'm mostly trying to judge cost-benefit here.

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Re: State Residency

Post by cohomonoid » Wed Feb 10, 2021 10:06 am

I have heard of a few state schools having in-state student quotas, i.e. they try to have 30% of incoming students coming from that state. I think it is mostly determined by state legislators who want the Uni to serve taxpayers. IIRC University of North Carolina does something like this, and probably some other states as well. My impression has always been that this is *not* the norm, and that for the most part (domestic) applicants are considered equally regardless of state of residence.

This is in contrast to undergrad admissions where a lot of people pay tuition, and you can charge out of state students twice as much. There was actually a spike in out-of-state (and intn'l) admissions at some flagship public schools after budgets were cut post 2009 recession, to get those sweet sweet tuition $$$s

In terms of the cost-benefit ratio, I doubt it would ever be worth it to change your state of residency just to apply to a (public) school in that state, if that's what you're considering. Changing residency usually requires you to live there for a while, and the benefit if any would likely be marginal.

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