Masters Programs - Suggestions and Recommendations

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Masters Programs - Suggestions and Recommendations

Post by lj70s » Sat Feb 20, 2021 4:50 pm

Hi guys,

Sorry for taking your time.

Briefly, I am an extremely non-traditional applicant, who has discovered my passion for Mathematics very, very late in my life (40+), while simultaneously holding a solid career in a totally different area.

Have been working through my Bachelor´s in Math already.

With such a profile, I think that the most realistic short-term goal for being a contributor to the subject in the future would be, firstly, joining a M.Sc. program upon graduation, from there proceeding further, if things go well during my Master´s academic efforts.

Thereby so, I would be very grateful if you had suggestions about reputable, nice programs in the US and Canada, which offer Terminal Master´s degrees and that, well, in your opinion, could consider someone with my profile.

P.S. Yes, I have done my personal research on the subject, but I post here looking for kind suggestions, based on your personal experiences with different Schools and Departments as undergraduate and MA/M.Sc. students in Math (since most of you are already way ahead, as strong Ph.D. applicants).

Thank you so much for your help and attention.

Best regards,

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