What to Ask a Prospective Supervisor

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What to Ask a Prospective Supervisor

Post by applicantt » Thu Mar 11, 2021 8:01 am

The virtual meetings of the newly admitted students have started at some universities. Some of them arrange one to one meetings with potential PhD supervisors. These online meetings are about 30 minutes to 1 hour as I've seen. So, what shall we ask in that limited time? Any suggestions?

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Re: What to Ask a Prospective Supervisor

Post by bannanagamma » Thu Mar 11, 2021 3:56 pm

I have liked asking some of the following questions (no particular order)
1. What have your grad students gone on to do after graduation?
2. What is your advising style?
3. What is the culture in the department like?
4. What are some things that you are currently working on?

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