Applying for PhD programs

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Applying for PhD programs

Post by stathamhu » Sun Apr 04, 2021 11:30 pm

Hello all,
I am currently a third year international college student and I am planning to apply for the Math PhD program in UCI. However, since I'm an undergraduate student and I know that it might be more difficult for an undergraduate student to get accepted into PhD program, I just want to know that is it possible to get into the Math PhD program in UCI? My major is Mathematics with concentration in Data Science, and my current GPA is 3.74. I am doing a graduate level research with one of my professors, but since it is hard to get into REU programs for international students, I am wondering if there is anything that I need to do in order to strengthen my academic background? Also, with my current GPA, is it possible to apply for the Math master program in UCLA and UCB? Thank you for the honest responses.

Big Model
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Re: Applying for PhD programs

Post by Big Model » Mon Apr 05, 2021 5:29 am

It should definitely be possible to get into a math PhD program, although in general it is harder for international students to get in, mainly due to how funding works. I believe UCI admits a decent number of international students as they're a pretty large department. Also, neither UCLA nor Berkeley admit students for masters programs - you can only apply for their PhD programs.

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Re: Applying for PhD programs

Post by Eigenvalues » Mon Apr 05, 2021 6:12 pm

@Big Model, when you say 'generally hard for international students to get in, due to how funding works' can you please elaborate because am an international student from West Africa and I plan to apply for Fall '22

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