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Math GRE for 2021 Apps

Posted: Thu Apr 08, 2021 1:21 pm
by Cophysneurec
I plan on applying to both applied and pure programs (mostly those with applied tracks) this fall, and I have not taken the Math GRE. Unfortunately I don't have a ton of free time this year as I am finishing up important courses such as the abstract algebra sequence and proof based linear algebra. How important will the Math GRE be this year? It seems like lots of programs waived it for this last application cycle, and I'm wondering how much value programs will be placing on it moving forward. There are also some really interesting research-relevant courses I plan to take this summer (control theory, neuro-physiology as I want to do math. neuro), and I do not want to lose steam on learning new material just to memorize a bunch of test-taking techniques. Thoughts?