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Just finished my Junior Year. I want to know what grad schools I have a chance to get into.

Posted: Sun May 16, 2021 11:47 pm
by Veltri200755
Here are my stats.
Undergrad Institution: Private Liberal Arts, 60-80 ranked, not know for math
Major(s): Mathematics
Minor(s): None
GPA: 3.5ish/4.0 general, mid 3.9ish major
(I took as many advanced math classes my school could offer and got almost As on all of them. My only A- are calculus 3 and statistics)
Type of Student: Domestic Male

GRE Revised General Test: If I take this, I could get a high 160 on quant but bomb the verbal and writing part.
GRE Subject Test in Mathematics: Did not take yet, I could get into the 600-700 range if I study over the summer.

Program Applying: All PHD, will apply to the applied department if it is separate. Interested in Probability/Financial Mathematics/Analysis/Topology
Research Experience: Did research with a professor at home university, our paper was accepted for publication in a mathematics journal. Will do research with another professor this coming summer. I did a few talks about the previous research and even did a poster presentation.
Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Tutoring at my school's Math help room. Tutored at a tutoring center for a few months before COVID.
Some schools I am interested in applying are Stony Brook, Brown, Texas A&M, Notre Dame, and Boston University.