Universities that combine Algebra and Theoretical Physics ?

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Universities that combine Algebra and Theoretical Physics ?

Post by burbaki » Fri Oct 29, 2021 4:45 pm

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I am searching universities to apply for my masters/PhD program, but I have a problem. I am very interested in Algebraic Geometry, Homological Algebra, Commutative Algebra, Algebraic Topology and Group Theory (pretty much anything related to Abstract Algebra). But also I really like Theoretical Physics, my university was offering one course in special relativity and I loved it. (from when I was a kid pretty much I liked such things, that's maybe the reason I choose to study mathematics). The problem is that from all the searching I did, I came to the realization, that almost none of the universities I saw (and I saw maybe 40 in US and Europe) don't have a program that can combine the rigorousness in the mathematics I want (in Abstract Algebra) and courses in theoretical physics (from a mathematicians point of view like General Relativity, Quantum Mechanics etc). So I made a decision, to abandon the theoretical physics aspect and focus more on abstract algebra. I thought I could have it more as a hobby. I make this post to ask you if you know any universities that have a strong department in the topics I am interested in Abstract Algebra and maybe have courses like Quantum Mechanics.
This is my first post in this site, if I did some wrong please let me know.

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Re: Universities that combine Algebra and Theoretical Physics ?

Post by SchursLemma » Sat Oct 30, 2021 1:36 am

Look into programs that have people working on mathematical physics in areas like the foundations of quantum mechanics, quantum field theory etc.

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