Algebraic Geometry at Stanford

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Algebraic Geometry at Stanford

Post by schoolguy » Wed Aug 31, 2022 10:14 am

I am a prospective applicant who was browsing faculty at various schools and seemed to only be able to find one (non-arithmetic) algebraic geometer at Stanford - Ravi Vakil. I remember in past years Stanford had a category on their website for 'algebraic geometry faculty' but now only have a category for 'geometry faculty' which of course lists those in differential, symplectic, pure, etc geometry as well. Obviously Stanford is an amazing amazing school and Im not trying to disparage anything, I was just surprised. Is it the case that only Ravi focuses on non-arithmetic algebraic geometry, or am I missing something?

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Re: Algebraic Geometry at Stanford

Post by LetMeIn2401 » Wed Aug 31, 2022 6:04 pm

While Stanford if a great school, and Ravi Vakil is great, I do not think Stanford is a great school for algebraic geometry. For starters, Ravi Vakil has a crap ton of advisees and (I think but not sure a child) a small child. Brian Conrad is another consideration if you are interested in both number theory and algebraic geometry (although I think he has like 4 advisees).

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Re: Algebraic Geometry at Stanford

Post by ZrZhao » Wed Sep 07, 2022 10:19 pm

MIT also just has only one professor who is focused on non-arithmetic and non-representation theory algebraic geometry. (Now the other one is from MSU and he is a visiting professor at MIT)

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