PhD math admission Fall 2024

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Amritendu Hait
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PhD math admission Fall 2024

Post by Amritendu Hait » Sat Apr 01, 2023 2:15 am

Hello people, I am a prospective student studying masters in mathematics at ISI Kolkata, India. I want to study topology in my near future(algebraic, differential, low dimensional, etc.) and thus wish to apply to various US colleges for PhD in maths for fall 2024. I think this time since the COVID blow will be old story, colleges will ask for GRE maths subject test. For this I wanted to know what could be the expected cutoff in GRE maths for colleges like UC Berkeley, Purdue uni, Stony Brooks uni, UMass Amherst, Carnegie Mellon uni, Buffalo uni, Uni of North Carolina CH, uni of Florida, uni of Kansas, Cornell uni and uni of Missouri.
P.S. I have attempted in GRE maths test once befor and got 840 (83 percentile) and an thinking of applying with the same for various colleges in USA.

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Re: PhD math admission Fall 2024

Post by Yuqiao » Sat Apr 01, 2023 11:07 am

I think nowadays many schools don't ask for GRE not because of COVID but because it doesn't tell much about the students.

Certainly there are still schools asking for it. From what I heard, GRE sub score is like a bar. If you don't pass it, you are probably rejected; if you pass the bar, they will look at other things like letters, GPA, etc., but getting a very high score doesn't give you a lot of advantages either. My advisor told me that our school (ranked around 50th for math PhD) in general sets the bar at around 850. So for example, your score would be fine for my school.

My advisor also told me he believes that a score greater than or equal to 900 would definitely not negatively impact your application at any school.

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