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Program recommendations for mid applicant

Post by vvamber31 » Fri Oct 20, 2023 4:16 pm

Hey, I have apps for programs in progress and just did my GRE. I didn't study at all for it, so my scores are pretty mid. I am now kind of worried that the schools I am applying to are a bit reachy, and would appreciate if someone could tell me what kind of schools fit my profile.

I'm interested in applying for PhD programs in applied math, statistics and data science, may consider masters but I'm broke. Specific interest in stochastic processes

Profile: Domestic southeast asian woman
Ugrad: University of California
Major: CompSci
Minor: Mathematics
Overall GPA: 3.4
Math GPA: 3.8
GRE: 324 - 164Q, 160V, ?A
Subject: not needed for most applied math afaik
2 internships as a developer, no research experience. Strong recommendations from two professors and the founder of a nonprofit organisation I've volunteered at for a decade.

Programs currently considering: Boston University, UCSB, UCSC, UTAustin, UWash, Stony Brook, University of Arizona, Freie U, TUM, TUDresden

What other programs should I consider? Should I forget about applying to any of the ones I'm considering?
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