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Applied Math PhD Interviews

Posted: Tue Feb 13, 2024 7:10 pm
by schakraborty091199
Does anyone know how these look like? What do they ask? Is it somewhat technical? Also in addition, has anyone also heard back about a Notre Dame interview?

Re: Applied Math PhD Interviews

Posted: Wed Feb 14, 2024 3:32 am
by someone_phd
I had a couple of interviews (not only applied math but also engineering/physics) and they were all pretty much the same. Except for Oxford, they were nontechnical. Oxford, however, announced that some parts may be technical so no surprise there. In general, the atmosphere is relaxed and the questions are not mean but reasonable. I have been asked pretty much the same questions for all interviews.
- some self-introduction
- previous research experience/what I am interested in/what I would want to focus on during my PhD
- why a PhD
- some unis asked why I applied to this uni/program
- questions I had for them

That's about it. They will talk about themselves and the program as well and all my interviews lasted for about 30-45 min. I felt like we got to know each other because they tend to talk a lot about what the programs or their particular research group has to offer. Maybe not in equal parts (70% about me 30% about them) but it is not a one-sided interview.