Preparation for the Nov 12th Exam

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Preparation for the Nov 12th Exam

Post by apap » Wed Oct 26, 2011 11:53 pm

I'm taking the subject test in two weeks and a half and have a few questions about preparation.

So far I have reviewed all of single variable calculus and linear algebra. I am guessing reviewing abstract algebra and number theory will take me a day or two since I am familiar with it.

As far as additional topics are concerned I am comfortable with all of them except complex and numerical analysis (which I won't even bother) and calculus based statistics. I do however have to revise topology, set theory and parts of real analysis. I'm guessing this will take me 2 days as well.

The big problem for me however is with multivariable calculus and diff equations. I pretty much slept through the class so now I am having difficulties making good progress in the Princeton review book. I could definitely understand most of it in two weeks but I am not sure if it is worth investing so much time in it.

Also I haven't done that many exercises and haven't even looked at the tests except in passing.

I am guessing I will be done revising everything except multi and diff eq by Monday. So that leaves me with two weeks minus two days.

How should I use this time?

Would an in depth revision of all of algebra plus most additional topics outweigh me not knowing multivariable and diff eq? Or should I try to focus on the latter and know them well enough to be comfortable with them on the test?

Should I learn calculus based statistics? I did take an intro class but don't remember much, plus it was discrete statistics. Is the material in Princeton Review enough for this area?

Is the material in PR comprehensive enough for multivariable and diff eq?

Also should I start going through the 4 available test right away or wait until I am done revising?


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Re: Preparation for the Nov 12th Exam

Post by nikhil_may92 » Thu Oct 27, 2011 7:38 am

i think you should go with the 4 available tests ...and be perfect with the type of problems
review given in PR is enough for multivariable calculus i think so....and 4 further practice go through berkley problems in mathematics.

Best regards

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