Very low GPA (Due to Chemistry courses)

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Very low GPA (Due to Chemistry courses)

Post by Chem_Whale2021 » Wed Jan 16, 2019 2:02 am

Hello Everyone,

After a long ride and changing of majors. I've finally found that Math has been my passion for a long time. It sucks that when I went to a community college in 2014 I started off as a geology major but then decided it wasn't for me. Four years later, I'm stuck with a low GPA due to that fact I thought Chemistry was my passion but I didn't realize it till I was in Biochemistry where it was so boring and I couldn't handle it anymore. I took Organic Chemistry 1 and 2 plus Quantitative Analysis. I got a B- Quantitative Analysis but Cs in Organic chemistry 1 and 2 (Lab 1:C- Lab: A-). My GPA right now is 2.38 (One F and a couple of Cs due to chemistry). Overall GPA with CC and four year is 2.63.

All my math courses I took so far:
Intermediate Algebra: B
College Algebra & Trig: B
Precalculus: C
Calculus 1: D (first time), B(Second time)
Calculus 2: B-
Calculus 3: B
Current semester (2019 Semester) *Only math courses* I have History and Weather course I'm also taking
Introduction to Proofs
Complex Analysis
Differential Equations
Future possible courses:
UIUC Math 415 Applied Linear Algebra (Summer 2019)
Basic Analysis
Classical Algebra
Elementary Abstract Algebra
Advanced Calculus I (Probably, if offered)

At my University, there is no set of requirements except we get to pick which sets we like to complete and take two of each.
I'm doing Algebra and Analysis (Just four courses, two per set)

Research: Trying to discover what kind of area I like in math (Algebra Topology is something I like). Will email professors within the field. Already part of a research group in Atmospheric Science. Maybe I was thinking of combining math and Atmospheric Science and create a cool research topic relating to both (Applied math??)

I'm also taking Atmospheric Science courses as well. I have a minor in it. My major requires a minor.

Are there any Universities out there that would accept me? my goal is to get 3.00 or higher every semester from now on, but I'm debating if I should take more atmospheric science courses. My goal is to take Synoptic Meteorology 1.

Will be taking the GRE and GRE Math in Summer 2020!

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Re: Very low GPA (Due to Chemistry courses)

Post by MMDE » Wed Jan 16, 2019 3:27 pm

If you do well in all your upper level courses such as analysis, algebra, or complex, and also have decent GRE scores I don't see why not. Try to get some research under your belt and close to your rec letters, that helps a lot.

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Re: Very low GPA (Due to Chemistry courses)

Post by Chem_Whale2021 » Wed Jan 16, 2019 7:48 pm

I just got an email about a proposed undergraduate topic in the area of Atmospheric Science Research group I am in currently.

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